Matthew Fergusson-Stewart

- Design Collaborator -

Known as ‘Son of Whisky’, Matthew is a multi-award-winning whisky brand ambassador, author of two authoritative papers on the chill-filtration of whisky, creator of Whisky Molecules and driving force behind the Dram Full whisky community.

Matthew is passionate about whisky. He believes that while its most important aspects are organoleptic ones, this cannot be separated from history, production, ingredients, community and ways of consuming. In creating The Gran Collection, Matthew has been inspired by all these aspects. The name ‘Gran’ itself references the key ingredient of whisky and expresses it in the historical language of Ireland and Scotland, the birthplace of whisky

Drawing inspiration from grain, the base ingredient of whisky, The Gràn Collection represents a unique approach to the whisky tasting glass. Before, one single glass was used for all styles of whisky, an unthinkable approach in other beverage categories. Whisky covers a vast range of aroma and flavour, and The Gràn Collection features four tasting glasses optimized for key distinctions of whisky.


Perfect Balance

A classically styled stemmed and tulip shaped glass designed for balanced whiskies , and well suited for any high-end whisky venue.

Whisky guide: Blends including Johnnie Walker, Ballantines and Chivas, balanced single malts such as Glenrothes and classic Bourbons.


Fruity floral and grassy notes

A unique angled rim designed to emphasize the light fruity and floral notes in more delicate whiskies and enhance the nosing experience.

Whisky guide: Classic Irish whiskies, lowland Scotch whiskies, and more delicate Speyside whiskies such as Glenfiddich and Glenlivet.


Bold Bulged

A wider bowl to increase interaction between whisky and air to bring out the deep dried fruit and chocolate notes of sherry cask whiskies.

Whisky guide: Sherried whiskies including Aberlour, Glendronach, Macallan, The Yamazaki, and Glenfarclas.


Captured Heart of Peat

A narrow rim that expresses the richer earthier notes of a peated whisky.

Whisky guide: Peated whiskies including Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Port Charlotte, Ardbeg and Talisker.

Tailored to complement the different styles of whisky

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