How to Choose the Perfect Glass for Your Drink?

Selecting the right glassware for your beverages is akin to choosing a frame for a masterpiece. Beyond mere functionality, this endeavour involves exploring a world of shapes, crystals, and designs crafted to elevate your drinking experience. Whether you’re enjoying a cocktail, savouring wine, or indulging in scotch, the perfect glass can transform your sensory journey. Lucaris‘ Hong Kong Hip Collection stands as a prime example, catering to the convergence of fine wines and stylish society. With modern, elegant design, the collection enhances the aroma and taste of the libations. Come along as we take you through the most exquisite range of must-have glasses to match your impeccable taste and style.


The Bordeaux glass embodies both elegance and functionality, tailored to enhance the subtleties of complex, full-bodied red wines predominantly composed of Cabernet and Merlot grapes. With meticulous attention to detail, the glass is tailored to heighten the wine-drinking experience. Its bowl design encourages proper aeration, allowing complex aromas to unfold. Crafted from premium crystal, these glasses offer exceptional clarity, providing both aesthetics and ergonomic comfort.


Radiating opulence, the Burgundy glass enhances the aromas and textures of light-bodied red wines, notably those hailing from the Burgundy region of France. Its wider and shorter bowl is perfect for light-to-medium bodied wine with bright acidity, silky tannins and alcohol such as Pinot Noir or Burgundy.  The glass’s shape concentrates these aromas, delivering them with precision. This masterpiece becomes an indispensable asset for red wine enthusiasts.


Marrying modern aesthetics, the Cabernet glass transforms each sip into a refined indulgence. The meticulously designed bowl and rim gracefully guide medium-bodied red wines, such as Merlot, Beaujolais, Barolo, and Barbera, to your palate, revealing bold flavours and rich tannins. This glass promises a stylish and tasteful experience for those with discerning tastes.


The Chardonnay glass serves as a canvas for white wine appreciation. With its thoughtful features, it ensures delight with every sip. Ample capacity allows for breathing and bouquet development, while the design captures delicate aromas, enhancing the senses. The elongated stem adds both aesthetic and tactile connections, merging form and function.


Toasting precious moments requires the perfect vessel, and the Champagne flute fills this role seamlessly. Its grandeur and elegance enhance sparkling wine experiences. The iconic silhouette captures celebration’s essence, while the elongated bowl and slender stem heighten effervescence and refinement. From achievements to romantic occasions, this flute adds luxury and craftsmanship to celebrations.


The Long Drink glass adds sophistication to any drink in large proportion, from cocktails to creative concoctions. Its sleek and versatile design complements various beverages. Clean lines and balanced proportions enhance cocktail aesthetics, appealing to those with a deep appreciation for both elegance and drinks.


Crafted from premium crystal, the Hi-Ball glass showcases beverage colours while offering a versatile form. From cocktails to mocktails, its elegance elevates any sip. Whether sharing laughter with friends or unwinding alone, these glasses engage all senses, making each drink an experience.


The timeless charm of the Double Rock glass enriches the art of savouring life’s pleasures. Whether your preference leans towards whisky on the rocks or signature cocktails, this glass enhances the tasting journey, promoting olfactory interaction and a deep appreciation for nuanced aromas. Its modern, sophisticated design effortlessly complements restaurant or bar ambiance, imparting an air of refinement to drink presentation.

9. ROCK:

Lucaris’ Rock glass elevates whiskey enjoyment to new heights. With its fusion of form and function, each sip becomes an unforgettable sensory journey. The comfortable grip and timeless silhouette allow for leisurely enjoyment. These glasses are a perfect match for your most treasured drinks.

Final Verdict

Choosing the perfect glassware is an art that elevates your overall drinking experience. Lucaris’ Hong Kong Hip Collection merges contemporary design with functional excellence, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Through this collection, you can unlock the full potential of your favourite drinks, indulging in sophistication and the art of savouring life’s finer pleasures. Cheers to sophistication, indulgence, and the art of savouring life’s finer pleasures!

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