Types of Wine Glasses: A Guide to Choosing the Right Wine Glass

Lucaris Crystal is renowned for their expertise in composing unique crystal wine glasses tailored to the specific characteristics of each wine type. These specialized glasses are designed to enhance the aroma and taste of the wine, contributing to an exceptional drinking experience.

Red Wine

The complex flavors of red wine require oxidation to smoothen them out, which we can achieve with a wide, round bowl and a smaller opening. There exist two primary styles of red wine glasses:

Bordeaux Wine Glass

The Bordeaux Wine Glass is among the tallest red wine glasses, characterized by its broad bowl. The shape of this glass helps to direct the wine to the back of the mouth, which is ideal for heavier and full-bodied red wines. Lucaris Crystal Glassware

Burgundy Wine Glass

Burgundy Wine Glasses feature a larger and broader bowl compared to Bordeaux glasses, with a narrower top. This design accentuates the delicate and nuanced aromas in lighter, more subtle red wines. Lucaris Crystal Glassware

White Wine

Contrary to red wine glasses, a white wine glass is crafted to preserve the delicate aromas of white wine and maintain its cooler temperature. Thus, the bowl of these glasses is slightly smaller. The stem of the glass is also slightly taller to prevent the hand from warming the wine.  White wine glasses typically come in two styles: glasses for full-bodied white wines like Chardonnay and glasses designed for high-acid wines such as Reisling and Sauvignon Blanc.

Chardonnay Wine Glass

A Chardonnay wine glass boasts a wider bowl than a standard white wine glass, designed to accentuate the rich buttery characteristics of Chardonnay and other oaked or full-bodied white wines. The shape facilitates proper aeration, enhancing the flavors while showcasing the wine’s creamy textures and complex aromas. Crystal Glassware

Riesling Wine Glass

The Riesling wine glass is the most petite among all white wine glasses, featuring a small bowl that gently tapers down to the rim. This carefully crafted design aims to preserve the wine’s inherent freshness. Crystal Glassware

Sparkling Wines

Champagne Flute

The most popular sparkling wine glass is the Champagne Flute, known for its slender and tall design, making it the ideal choice to complement and preserve the delightful effervescence of the drink while maintaining optimal temperature and bubbles. Additionally, the elongated yet narrow, long bowl plays a crucial role in retaining carbonation while enhancing the visual allure of dancing bubbles. Crystal Glassware

Rosé Wines

Rose wines, which exhibit the characteristics of both red and white wines, can be poured into a glass with a short, wide bowl. A perfect rose wine glass should primarily function to concentrate the aroma at the top of the glass, allowing the drinker to fully immerse in the fruity and flowery scents. Crystal Glassware

Dessert or Sweet Wine

Dessert wines are known for their sweetness and high alcohol content, typically served in smaller portions. This calls for glasses with small bowls, such as the Lucaris Shanghai Soul Grappa. Crystal Glassware

Pour Your Wine into Lucaris Crystal Wine Glasses

You’ve acquired the knowledge to classify essential wine glass types, empowering you to make informed investments in appropriate glassware to elevate your wine-drinking encounters. Explore our extensive collection of crystal wine glasses at Lucaris Crystal and take your wine drinking to the next level of sophistication.

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