EP3 LUCARIS Desire Collection

LUCARIS Desire Collection is inspired by Asia’s leading glassmaker “LUCARIS” and Asia’s passionate wine lovers and services “Hong Kong Sommelier Association” to create an exquisite crystal stemware collection – Desire Collection is designed and developed with passions of wine lovers and glass makers with the signature of wine glass innovation. If you are interested in LUCARIS Desire Collection, click here for more details.

Aerlumer@ Innovation for Wine Lovers

Aerlumer@ is an innovation specially designed for LUCARIS Desire Collection. The 5 curved lines at the bottom of the wine glass are designed to help increase micro-oxidation and soften the wine while swirling. It is intentionally designed as a subtle component to avoid affecting wine color discovery.

Beautiful curl lines at the glass bottom allow your favorite wine to develop a better taste when exposed to air at its best. It’s strategically designed to keep wine lovers from being distracted of the wine colors.

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