Product Review

Product Review

June 2015 by Dr. Nara Decharin, and academic turned healthcare executive base in bangkok with his personal enthusiasm for wine and stemware in a fun and contemporary way.

In many ways, it would be nice to be objective in life. Unfortunately, we all do not possess transparent optical lenses, and so therefore our judgements sometimes are viewed through colour-tainted glasses. The truth is, expectations can change our physiology, and because of this, the starting point plays a crucial role in determining the conclusion, especially in matters such as sense, perception, taste, and preferences. In sports, if we are a fan of a particular team, it is not unusual for us to see the game develop from the perspective of our own team. In medicine, it is not unusual for patients to feel that a medication for pain is more efficacious when they were informed that the medication they ingested were more expensive. In fact, science has coined the term ‘placebo effect’ to precisely describe such experiences. My starting proposition is therefore that our preconceived notions and expectations strongly influence our experience.

Over the past decade, my personal observation has been that the consumption of wine in the emerging markets has become increasingly popular, and this does not only increase the demand for wines in this part of the world, but I have found that the sophistication levels of Asians have outpaced the demand for the ruby liquid themselves. People are not only pairing food and wine, but are demanding that the wines are served in appropriate stemware. With better logistics and supply chain, the availability of wine varietals in Asia is greater than ever before, and so consumers have longed for the same expansion in stemware range, in line with the augmented sophistication of wine drinkers in Asia.

To me, the enjoyment of wine has been very special when compared to whisky and beers, both very popular beverages enjoyed by Thais and Asians alike. I often indulge in an ice cold beer after exercise or on a hot day, and the gratification is instantaneous. With wine, I find that the pleasure and indulgence are long drawn out, and it often takes time to select the right wine for the right occasion, the right food or snack pairing, and of course, the right stemware in which to serve them.

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