Perfect Gift for Your Boo: Bring Back the Passion with Lucaris Crystal Wine Glasses

A romantic relationship is all about passion, style, and choosing just the perfect present for your better half every now and then. Lucaris being the synonym of passion and style, identified the need for a present that not only surprises your special one but is also worthy of symbolizing your romance, henceforth, creating something truly iconic.  Let us proceed to unveil a unique gifting idea for your boo to create a lasting impression… 

A Gift to Bring Back the Passion 

When it comes to gift-giving, Lucaris believes that every moment is an opportunity to express care, gratitude, and love. Let us uncover the Lucaris Crystal collections you can opt your gift from. 

The Elements Collection 

The Elements is a revolutionary line of glassware designed by Master of Wine Sarah Heller. Inspired by traditional Eastern and Western conceptions of the elements, each glass in this collection enhances specific qualities of wine to match individual preferences and occasions. The collection features: 
  • Water glass, which maintains freshness 
  • Fire glass, boosting boldness with vibrancy and intensity 
  • Air glass, heightening aromas with qualities of motion 
  • Earth glass, enhancing harmony with individual aromas and textures 
  • Gold glass, augmenting brilliance in sparkling and sweet wines 

Desire Collection 

Passion and perfection converge in Lucaris Desire Collection, crafted in collaboration with the Hong Kong Sommelier Association – Greater China. Each glass boasts uncompromising clarity and brilliance, enhancing the appreciation of fine wines. The Aerlumer® technology incorporated into the design encourages micro-oxidation and softens the wine, elevating swirling experiences while preserving the wine’s integrity. Recognized with prestigious design awards, including the iF Design Award and the China Good Design Award, the Desire collection epitomizes sophistication. 

Lavish Collection 

The Lucaris Lavish Collection blends Asian aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Crafted with the highest quality crystals, these glasses exude timeless elegance and sophistication. With their rounded shape and impeccable craftsmanship, the Lavish series elevates wine and beverage presentation and can be used for hosting both a formal dinner and a casual gathering.

Hong Kong Hip Collection 

The Lucaris Hong Kong Hip Collection celebrates the spirit of Hong Kong and is inspired by the city’s dynamic fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Featuring modern and edgy silhouettes, these glasses make a bold statement at any fashionable dining scene. Perfect for the trendsetting connoisseur, they combine style with functionality, enhancing the enjoyment of fine wines.

Shanghai Soul Collection 

Capturing the essence of Shanghai’s luxury and extravagance, Lucaris presents the Shanghai Soul Collection, designed to meet the highest sommelier standards. Crafted for premium wines and ultra-fine dining experiences, these stemware pieces are a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary design. 

Tokyo Temptation Collection 

Experience the fusion of tradition and modernity with Lucaris Tokyo Temptation Collection, inspired by the vibrant energy of Tokyo. Combining state-of-the-art technology with timeless elegance, these glasses are designed for upscale dining experiences where panache and formality reign supreme. 

Bangkok Bliss Collection 

The Lucaris Bangkok Bliss collection is designed for laid-back gatherings and chic casual dining representing the easygoing elegance of Thailand’s capital city. With classic designs harmonized with contemporary flair, the Bangkok Bliss series adds a touch of style to any social occasion.

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