From Grain to Glass: How Lucaris Crystal Changed the Whisky Tasting World

Shouldn’t whisky aficionados have glassware as specialized as wine enthusiasts do? This simple yet vital question emerged before Lucaris in 2019.

Indeed, they deserve it.

“Not all whiskies perform the best in the same glass.” – Matthew Fergusson-Stewart

Before the advent of the Lucaris Gran Collection, whisky enthusiasts often resorted to one-size-fits-all vessels for tasting, sometimes settling for the less-than-ideal tumbler, and at other times, using a sherry glass.

It wasn’t until mid-2020, when Lucaris decided it was time to make a difference – recognizing that every drop of whisky tells a story, whispering secrets of age, craftsmanship, and tradition. For discerning premium urban explorers, the journey from grain to glass is a ritual, and every detail matters.

Travel back with Lucaris to celebrate this seductively aromatic and exquisitely aged drink –WHISKY.

A Whisky Revelation

The whisky-tasting landscape pre-Lucaris was nothing short of a compromise for true whisky appreciators. Limited options forced them to make do with a single glass, a disservice to the intricate nuances and complexities of this extraordinary spirit.

This very struggle led to the collaboration between Lucaris Crystal, the first and only Asian premium crystal glass maker, and the renowned ‘Son of Whisky,’ Matthew Fergusson-Stewart.

Matthew, a whisky brand ambassador, author, and the driving force behind the Dram Full whisky community possesses a passion for whisky that extends far beyond the liquid itself. His enthusiasm encompasses the history, production, ingredients, community, and the art of consuming this golden nectar.

When he embarked on the project with Lucaris, it was with a resolute intention – to craft something exceptional. Something more than just a vessel for whisky, but rather an instrument to elevate the entire whisky-tasting experience.

Lucaris gran collection

Listen to it from the mind itself – GRAN, The New Handmade Whisky Glass Crystal Collection

From Grain to Glass: The Birth of the Gran

Drawing inspiration from the very essence of whisky – the grain, the base ingredient – the Gran Collection was born. This also evokes the historical language of Ireland and Scotland, the birthplace of this iconic spirit.

It represents a unique approach to crystal whisky glass, challenging the conventional wisdom that a single glass can do justice to the wide spectrum of whisky flavors.

Awarded the iF Design Award in 2021, a symbol of design excellence, the Gran Collection offers four distinct tasting glasses, each optimized for key distinctions in whisky profiles.

Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable glasses.

Whisky glasses

Tailored to Complement the Different Styles of Whisky

Classic: Perfect Balance

The Classic glass is a timeless masterpiece, featuring a stemmed and tulip-shaped design that perfectly complements balanced whiskies. It’s the ideal companion for high-end whisky venues.

Whisky glasses Lucaris

Unveils full potential of: Blends including Johnnie Walker, Ballantines, Chivas, and balanced single malts such as Glenrothes, and classic Bourbons.

Delicate: Fruity, Floral, and Grassy Notes

The Delicate glass takes a unique approach with an angled rim designed to emphasize the light fruity and floral notes in more delicate whiskies. It elevates the nosing experience, allowing you to uncover the subtlest of aromas.

Lucaris Crystal whisky glass

Unveils full potential of: Classic Irish whiskies, lowland Scotch whiskies, and more delicate Speyside whiskies such as Glenfiddich and Glenlivet.

Sherried: Bold and Bulged

For those who revel in the deep-dried fruit and chocolate notes of sherry cask whiskies, the Sherried glass is a game-changer. Its wider bowl increases the interaction between whisky and air, unlocking the hidden flavors.

Lucaris crystal whisky glasses

Unveils full potential of: Sherried whiskies including Aberlour, Glendronach, Macallan, The Yamazaki, and Glenfarclas.

Peated: Captured Heart of Peat

Finally, the Peated glass is designed to capture the richer, earthier notes of a peated whisky. With a narrow rim, it offers a unique perspective on distinctive drams.

Glasses for whisky

Unveils full potential of: Peated whiskies including Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Port Charlotte, Ardbeg, and Talisker.

The One of its kind Glassware Innovation

Matthew and the Lucaris team faced the challenge of accommodating the vast range of whisky profiles, aromas, and flavors within a manageable collection. While science played a significant role in the initial design, the refinement process was a laborious one. The making journey was full of rigorous trial and error, along with comparative tastings involving whisky connoisseurs from around the world.

Harmony with the Planet, Harmony with Health

However, it doesn’t stop there. What truly distinguishes this collection is its meticulously crafted, hand-blown design with tight curves, offering both strength and sustainability by using fewer raw materials and reducing the carbon footprint. 

What’s more, these glasses are crafted from lead-free crystal, further enhancing overall well-being and health safety. 

Elevating Whisky Tasting to an Art Form

In a world where the premium urban explorer seeks passionate life experiences that elevate their modern lifestyle, Lucaris Crystal’s Gran Collection is a bridge between tradition and innovation, history and modernity, and, most importantly, between the whisky and the enthusiast.

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