Wine Knowledge every Woman Must Have

Ladies, we all know that wine is a symbol of sophistication and a great social lubricant at elegant events. But we can all take it to the next level by equipping ourselves with some basic knowledge on fine wines.

Wine knowledge will help you to know good wine from bad, maintain wine etiquette, and give you some talking points at sophisticated events and parties. Your first step to becoming a wine connoisseur starts here…

Read the label wisely

First, make sure you study the wine bottle carefully. All wine bottles have a unique label which tells you about the grape, country of origin, month and date and production, taste and grade of the wine. Reading wine labels is a good way to build up robust knowledge on the most popular grapes and wine-producing regions.

Color matters

All wines have a unique color palette, with each bottle exhibiting very slight differences in shade once poured into a glass. A good red wine will be a beautifully natural ruby red or pink color and will leave a clear red mark on the napkin, signifying a high level of purity.

Rosé has many different shades, from peach to something close to red. White wines, on the other hand, have a more restricted color profile. Lighter-bodied wines like pinot grigio should have a pale-yellow tinge to show they are bursting with freshness. Other varieties like Chardonnay will be a little darker because they are treated with oak.

Smell like a pro

One of the things many people love most about wine is the smell! Usually, a fruity scent can be noted immediately after opening any bottle of wine. If it smells sour, chances are it has gone bad. So, trust your nose!

Hold the glass correctly

Holding a wine glass in your hand might seem simple, but it’s an easy way for people to slip up in terms of wine etiquette. Make sure you grip lightly on the stem, never the bowl, which will allow you to swirl the glass easily. This technique also avoids transferring the warmth of your hands into the wine. Here’s a handy illustration of the correct way to hold a wine glass.

Time to Swirl!

Swirling wine is the best way to observe its color, purity, and depth. It also helps to release the aroma compounds into your nose. But how should you swirl correctly!? Gently swirl the wine clockwise with a soft wrist action, just like this…

Of course, it takes time to become an expert. However, a good tool that will help bring out the full qualities of your wine is the right wine glass! Especially when you’re a wine novice, high-quality wine glasses can help to bring the complex tastes and aromas of wine to the forefront, helping you to learn about color, taste, and aroma more easily. So, grab some LUCARIS stemware today and start learning!


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